A Playground for the Community

Our first big project is to build a playground in honor of Dominik. Our goal was to design and build a playground that Dom, his sister Boon, and kids from all over the community would absolutely love. Check out that 3D fly over of the playground below.

We Need Your Support!

The estimated cost to complete Dom’s Park is $266,043. Whoa! Thankfully, Creative Sites is a representative for the playground equipment company BCI Burke who offers a matching funds structure discount that will reduce the total cost by $74,196. With that amazing discount, the final price to complete Dom’s Park is $191,847. We know that remains a hefty goal, but with the amazing support of family, friends, and the community, we are confident we can make Dom’s Park a reality for so many children to enjoy.

Your generosity has helped us raise
[as of 8/31/20]

$111,595 of $191,847

We are forever indebted to each and every one of you who donate and/or help spread Dominik’s story! Supporting us with your contribution, no matter the amount, will help keep Dom’s legacy alive!

Dom’s Park

Dom referred to every playground he went to as a “park,” Tiff chose to use Dom’s own words when designing the sign for the playground’s entrance. We are working with fantastic people at Curzon Promotional Graphics to create a sign for the park entrance that is similar to Tiff’s crayon drawing. We worked with fantastic people at Creative Sites to design Dom’s Park. In the design, we considered many aspects of Dominik’s favorite playgrounds including a big slide, a bouncy bridge, swings, music, outer space, lots of things to climb, and, of course, cars. The final design doubles the size of the existing playground (to 55′ by 85′) and will have structures for children aged 2 to 12. It is an absolute perfect reflection of who Dom was and what he loved. We know that all kids in the community will love it!


We have been working with the amazing people at the Papio Natural Resources District (NRD) about the possibility of building a playground in memory of Dominik. When we approached them about our idea they said, “Let’s do it!” without an ounce of hesitation. The location for Dom’s Park is near the northwest corner of Chalco Hills Recreation Area that can be accessed using the entrance near 156th and Giles. Dom’s Park will replace the existing playground that is in need of improvement.

Chalco Hills Recreation Area is particularly meaningful to us because we spent a great deal of time there as a family. On most Sunday afternoons, we ran through the woods while pushing Dominik in his stroller, we would let him eat a picnic lunch under his favorite tree, and would then let him play at the playground until it was time for his afternoon nap. In fact, this location is where we went to feel closest to Dom after he passed and where we continue to go to feel close to him or when we need respite from everyday life. When we are there, we can picture him running ahead of us on the trail, stopping to look at and smell a flower, or getting excited when we encounter a deer or turkey. It is the perfect location for a playground in honor of Dom.

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