Dominik Walters Memorial Fund

The Dominik Walters Memorial Fund was established by Dominik’s parents, Ryan and Tiffany Walters, and his sister, Nora (aka, Boon), to honor Dom by helping children and families in the community.

Dominik was an energetic, happy four-year-old who loved to run and play, and for everyone around him to be happy. We unfortunately lost Dom in August 2018, and although it often feels like an impossible task, we had to turn losing Dom into something positive. One of the most important lessons we have learned from our tragedy is that what you do for others during your lifetime–no matter how short–far outweighs what you do for yourself. There is no doubt that Dom affected a lot of people simply by how he cared for and about others. So, to help spread his energy and light for years to come, we have turned the focus of our tragedy toward benefiting others in the community.

We are Strong4Dom
We are Strong4Boon

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