About Dominik

Dominik was a perfectly healthy four-year-old excited about starting preschool in Fall of 2018. He loved learning, and had an amazing memory and imagination. He loved cars, but only real cars. He had a collection of over 300 Hot Wheels cars that he knew so well he could name the year, make, and model of every single one of them; he knew immediately if one had gone missing. He loved outer space, the solar system, and learning about the planets, especially dwarf planets, gas giants, moons, and storm spots.

Dominik loved yard work, construction projects, and building skyscrapers and parking garages. He loved to dance, sing, and especially run. He loved puppy and his little sister Nora who he nicknamed “Boon” or “Sweet Honey Boon”; he was so proud to be a big brother and loved being mom’s helper. He was silly! He was always dancing around making up funny songs and giggling. He loved to laugh. He loved grocery shopping with dad and driving dad’s inside two-seam fastballs down the left field line, as well as lifting hanging slide-pieces oppo-taco.

Dominik loved milk, ketchup, carrots, garden-fresh cherry tomatoes, berry snacks, pizza, and ice cream; he thought he was still too young for soup. He loved planting and watering the flowers, picking vegetables out of the garden, helping make dinner, starting and (most importantly) cleaning the grill, helping set the table, and leading the before-dinner prayer. Dom was a creature of habit who thrived on a schedule. He was a fantastic sleeper who loved his bedtime routine that involved a bath, one TV episode, three books, two songs, a prayer, and lots of hugs—he absolutely loved group hugs.

Dominik was amazing during all those car rides from Papillion to New Ulm and back. Perhaps most importantly, Dom loved the simple things in life: people, the outdoors, parks, walks, animals, flowers, butterflies, bubbles, the moon, stars, and sunsets. He taught us daily to see beauty in everything and to slow down every now and then to take it in.

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